Optieum Biotechnologies and National Cancer Center Japan Signed Joint Research Agreement on Solid Tumor Targeting CAR-T Cell Programs

 We are pleased to announce that Optieum Biotechnologies Inc. (“Optieum”) has entered into a research collaboration agreement with the National Cancer Center Japan(“NCC”) to initiate multiple projects to discover and develop innovative CAR-T cell therapy assets targeting solid tumors.

 Optieum has a platform technology to elicit functional and improved scFvs that can lead to superior antitumor reactivity of CAR-T cells. NCC, Exploratory Oncology Research and Clinical Trial Center (NCC-EPOC) has expertise in clinical research and development of cancer immunotherapy, and is capable of accelerating translational research by integrating its clinical resources into this collaboration.

 With the completion of signing, Optieum and Division of Cancer Immunotherapy (Chief, Dr. Tetsuya Nakatsura) of NCC-EPOC, will begin joint research to develop CAR-T cell therapies for patients with solid tumors.