Optieum Biotechnologies Raises JPY 290 million ($ 2.6 million) in Seed Round Funding

 We are pleased to announce that Optieum Biotechnologies Inc. has raised JPY 290 million ($ 2.6 million) in seed round funding. The round was led by ANRI and the participation of Real Tech Fund, Iyogin Capital and an angel investor.

 Optieum Biotechnologies Inc. is a biotechnology company committed to develop innovative scFv antibody-based therapies for the treatment of cancer patients. Our proprietary platform technology, Eumbody System™, enables us to develop and detect scFv-based product candidates that specifically bind, modulate, and ultimately enhance the immune-cell function for oncology targets.

 With this funding, we will continue to expand the platform technology and accelerate the collaboration with pharmaceutical companies as well as the development of in-house CAR-T cell programs.

 We are committed to go beyond the limits of immuno-oncology drug development and deliver the most appropriate treatment for the cancer patients in needs.